NOISE Aviation Community Empowerment / Policy Summit Press Release

NOISE Policy Summit briefs community leaders and workshop participants on the importance of aviation-noise research, sound insulation and technological developments

Phoenix, AZ – (November 10, 2011) The National Organization to Insure a Sound-controlled Environment (NOISE) held its 3rd Annual 2011 Aviation Policy Summit/Community Involvement Workshop,   in conjunction with the National League of Cities (NLC) Congress of Cities and Exposition in Phoenix, AZ on November 9th.  The Congress of Cities and Exposition is the NLC's annual convention that brings together thousands of local elected officials from across the United States and offers a broad range of learning opportunities through cooperative dialogue and workshops.

Continuing the tradition of local collaboration, NOISE partnered with the North Tempe Neighborhood Association (NTNA) to solicit community and citizen participation in this year's event.  Through NTNA's efforts, NOISE was able to secure a varied and in-depth panel of local and national aviation noise abatement stakeholders. Tempe, Arizona Mayor Hugh Hallman spoke at length on the City’s history working with Phoenix Sky Harbor to address the impacts of the airport on his community.

“North Tempe Neighborhood Association was delighted to have Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman speak before attendees about Tempe – Phoenix Sky Harbor relations,” noted Barbara Sherman of NTNA.  Mayor Hallman noted that Tempe benefits greatly from Phoenix Sky Harbor and simply wants the airport to be a good long-term neighbor.

Workshop attendees included elected officials, noise abatement experts and community activists. The group heard presentations on various topics including advances in sound insulation studies, a federal legislative/regulatory update, and a European airport overview. 

“This forum is always a unique opportunity for elected official to learn new strategies to influence change in our communities regarding excessive aviation noise. This year’s Policy Summit / Community Involvement Workshop was no exception. I was especially pleased with the presence of sound-insulation industry leaders, who spoke on residential insulation issues. Those within the industry are key to making people aware of the implications of potential changes at the FAA regarding this important component of aviation-noise mitigation,” said Parkway Village Mayor Mary Rose Evans, who serves as NOISE Vice-President.

Participants and NOISE members expressed a continuing interest in discussing the growing evidence of aviation-noise related health impacts on humans. To provide for this important request, attendees were first given an overview of PARTNER (the Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction) which is a leading aviation research organization and a FAA “Center of Excellence.”

NOISE Executive Director Dennis McGrann and PARTNER Advisory Board Chair then spoke on the upcoming research project (known as Project 44) that will be the first national-scale investigation of health impacts of airport noise in the US.

“The NOISE Policy Summit is the ideal place to brief community leaders and workshop participants on the importance of aviation-noise research and technological developments and to highlight the critical importance of PARTNER research,” said McGrann.

NOISE has been a long time advocate of the PARNTER program and led the effort to secure initial federal financial support.