Welcome to the National Organization to Insure A Sound Controlled Environment

The National Organization to Insure a Sound Controlled Environment (N.O.I.S.E) is America's leading community voice on aviation noise issues. N.O.I.S.E is a coalition of locally elected officials and industry stakeholders working cooperatively with local and federal government to find workable solutions to the issue of excessive airport noise.

Your Aviation Noise Community Advocate

An affiliate of the National League of Cities, the National Organization to Insure a Sound Controlled Environment has served for over 40 years as America’s only nation-wide, community based association composed of locally elected officials who represent thousands of constituents throughout the United States and are committed to reducing the impact of aviation noise on local communities.

N.O.I.S.E serves to allow communities to join together and, with a single voice, inject the concerns of their constituents into the national debate on airport expansion policy, a debate which all too often is dominated by airports, airlines, and aircraft whose priorities may differ from a community’s. N.O.I.S.E seeks to resolve noise concerns by bringing affected communities, local airport officials, and federal policymakers together to work on airport expansion proposals responsibly and collaboratively.

N.O.I.S.E also advocates for federal policies to reduce unreasonable levels of aviation noise through a combination of quieter aircraft, increased noise abatement resources, and the opportunity for local communities to contribute to airport expansion decisions.

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The Washington, DC-based N.O.I.S.E staff coordinates its lobbying strategy with other powerful organizations such as National League of Cities, U.S. Conference of Mayors, and National Association of Counties, and N.O.I.S.E helps arrange meetings for members with Congressional offices and federal agencies.

The aviation industry continues to expand rapidly. There is a consensus in Washington, DC that airport capacity will have to increase dramatically - and soon - to keep pace with the skyrocketing ridership. As air-traffic increases, aviation noise issues will be a paramount concern to communities located near airports. N.O.I.S.E will continue to work with member communities to help reduce the impact of aviation noise.

If aviation noise issues are important to your community, please contact N.O.I.S.E. National Coordinator, Emily Tranter -  by phone at (202) 544-9896 or email: ejtranter@locklaw.com.