Massport (Boston, MA) and FAA Work to Reduce Overflight Noise

We are excited to share an update on efforts currently being taken to help deal with airport noise issues. 

The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced their results after months of collaboration to develop test projects that are designed to help address the noise issues that residents face because of aircraft flight procedures. The two agencies signed a Memorandum of Understanding to move forward in examining opportunities to incrementally reduce noise through changes or amendments to Performance Based Navigation.

According to the press release, the FAA and Massport are committing to: (1) analyze the feasibility, (2) measure/model the benefits/impacts of, and (3) test and develop an implementation plan which will include environmental analysis and community/public outreach. The FAA and the Authority will agree to each party's specific roles, responsibilities and contributions as part of a test program to reduce overflight noise at Boston Logan International Airport that is related to the FAA's implementation of Performance Based Navigation procedures, including RNAV. N.O.I.S.E. staff will continue to closely monitor this effort and will update members with any pertinent information, including any analysis or plan that is released as a result of this project. To read the FAA's press release, click here.

This cooperation, which as they state is a first-in-the-nation project between the FAA and an airport operator, will also include participation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the local Community Advisory Committee, and has garnered support from several members of Congress.

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